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          Explore Academics.

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          Mills offers a variety of majors and minors, unique bachelor’s-to-master’s accelerated degree programs, and renowned graduate programs led by accomplished and accessible faculty. Explore our academic areas of study, and discover how Mills can prepare you for success.
          Learn Outside the Lines.
          A Mills education is as individual as you are. Choose from a variety of majors and minors and interdisciplinary areas of study that align with your passions and interests. Don’t find what you’re looking for? Explore an individualized major where you can design your own field of study. At Mills, you’ll be an active participant in your own learning for a one-of-a-kind education.
          Stand Out in the Job Market.
          Mills offers unique bachelor’s-to-master’s accelerated degree programs that empower you to earn both an undergraduate and a graduate degree in as little as five total years of study. By completing two degrees in the amount of time it takes the average college student nationwide to earn just a bachelor’s degree, you’ll save time and save money on tuition. You’ll also significantly improve your employment options and your earning potential upon graduation.

          How to Apply
          One advantage of our bachelor’s-to-master’s degree programs is that you don’t have to apply until your junior year at Mills. And several of the programs allow you to pursue whatever undergraduate major you like as long as you satisfy all course requirements for the graduate program. Mills also waives the application fee for all students applying to graduate school through a bachelor’s-to-master’s accelerated degree program.
          Our Advanced Degrees Advance the World.
          Consistently ranked one of the top regional universities in the West by U.S. News & World Report, Mills offers renowned graduate programs for all genders. We invite you to experience our diverse and inclusive community of faculty and students who create an intellectual environment that spurs change. Here, you can pursue your professional passions, collaborate with distinguished faculty, connect with innovators across disciplines, and transform the world through your work.

          All Programs

          No programs were found matching the current filters.
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          Art & Technology
          Art History
          test tubes
          Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
          image of a skull
          stock ticker
          Business Economics
          molecule building
          chinese dragon
          Chinese Language & Culture
          woman speaking at microphone
          Creative Writing & Literature
          data web
          Data Science
          engineering clean energy with solar panels and wind
          Environmental Science
          Environmental Studies
          painted mural
          Ethnic Studies
          inside of domed building
          French & Francophone Studies
          image of earth from space
          Global Humanities & Critical Thought
          woman in library
          Individualized Major
          group of flags
          International Relations
          woman interviewing child
          statue with legal scales
          Legal Studies
          doc looking at scans
          Medicine/Health Sciences
          stone statue
          group exercising
          Physical Education
          image of capitol building
          Political Science
          two women in front of a column
          Politics, Economics, Policy & Law
          nurse with patient
          drawing of a brain
          hands on glass of water
          Public Health & Health Equity
          rainbow flag
          Queer Studies
          image of book pages
          Religious Studies
          group of people walking in crosswalk
          spanish city
          Spanish & Spanish American Studies
          actors on stage
          Theater Studies
          Urban Education
          flyers on wall
          Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies
          woman speaking at microphone
          Women, Leadership & Social Change

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