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          Learn More About Mills College.

          Undergraduate Students

          Ready to find out more about our inclusive learning environment and how we encourage creative, independent thinkers? Tell us a bit about your interests and plans, and we’ll be happy to send you additional information about Mills.

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          Graduate Students

          Discover more about our graduate programs and our diverse learning community. We’ll keep you up to date on information sessions, application workshops, webinars, class visits, as well as fine arts performances and other special events.

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          Bachelor's Degree Completion Students

          Interested in learning more about our new program for working women who want to complete their undergraduate degree? Fill out one quick and easy form, and we'll get you the information you need.

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          Need to Speak with an Admission Counselor?

          Undergraduate students can email us at admission@mills.edu or use our online form to connect with their admission counselor and send a message to them directly. Graduate students should email grad-admission@mills.edu. We'll respond to your email or message in 1–2 business days. We look forward to answering your questions.

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